Bellapais Village - Kyrenia




One of the best places in North Cyprus which deserve to be repeatedly visited is Bellapais Village. You will find great pleasure in having walks in and around the village especially during spring. Besides its friendly inhabitants the mood in this locality is really centered on its history.

From those who know the area you will be sure of getting a nod of approval; but for those who are about to visit our island we are asking them not to miss Bellapais. All visitors of North Cyprus eventually admit that on a wonderful holiday Bellapais is an item which stands out separately from the rest. You may consider Bellapais to be a magnificent jewel in the treasure called history of art in Cyprus. We should also be proud of its internationally acknowledged position. The character of the abbey has been well protected. We may say to those who have been to North Cyprus and not seen Bellapais, please come back again.

Your first visit to this area must start with the abbey. After enjoying the historical ambience you may start your walks in and around the village. The re factory (divinghall) of the abbey is presently used for international music concerts. Performing artists combine the acoustics with harmony, and imagine a combination of historical setting with a magnificent landscape.

You may reach Bellapais village via Kyrenia. The climbing road through a residential area where there are nice houses and villas. Maybe one day there will be no need to call Bellapais a village. Going towards the center you will notice the charming Mediterranean style houses. The spectacular abbey greets you on your left reflecting its light from across the valley. Don't forget to take pictures here! From the only parking lot of the village behind the abbey you can get a bird's eye view of our northern coastline.