North Cyprus Travel Guide

LOCATION OF CYPRUS : Cyprus is situated at the cross point of 35°N latitude and 33°E longitude.

POPULATION: The approximate population of the whole island is 900.000 of which 215.000 live in TRNC.

AREA of CYPRUS: Total area of Cyprus is 9251 km². The TRNC is 3242 km² and is the third larger island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily and Sardinia. Britain which was the last ruler of the island gave Cyprus its independence in 1960, but before leaving established two sovereign military bases on the island. These are Akrotiri (124 km²) and Dhekelia (132 km²) and they covered en area of 256km². 244 km² is the United Nations controlled green line (no man's land).

TIME IN NORTH CYPRUS: In North Cyprus local time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In summertime the clocks change on the same day as in the Europe.

BORDERS: Since 2003 it is possible to pass through the Turkish and Greek borders.
You need to have valid passport. However some country's are not allow to pass please to contact with us if you do require more detailed information.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and AIRPORTS : A valid passport is required for entry. You could either get a flight via Turkey to ERCAN Airport (North Cyprus) or you could fly to either LARNACA OR PAPHOS Airports (South Cyprus) and pass to border

NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES: The closest country is Turkey in the north (70km). Other neighbours are Syria (110km) in the east, Lebanon (200km) and Israel (300km) in the southeast, Egypt (400km) in the south and Greece (800km) in the west.

CLIMATE: Climate of the island is typical Mediterranean. It has dry, long summers, and warm, short, light rainy winters. Hava sıcaklık tablosu koyalım + deniz suyu

CAR RENTAL: Prices are excellent for the travelers who wish to act freely. You can hire a car with your driving licenses. We drive on the left in North Cyprus just like in England, so you will not confuse. Wearing seatbelt is compulsory. All signposts are international. You can ask to reception or if you would like to have pre-book just contact with us.

CURRENCY: The Turkish Lira (TL) is the currency used in North Cyprus. Foreign currencies and travellers cheques are accepted in banks, hotels and exchange offices. Most credit cards are valid in many places, but bank charges may apply in some places. If you do make payment with credit card at the hotel, we do charge 5% commission.

LANGUAGE: The official language is Turkish. English language is widely spoken with full of grammer mistakes!



* Sunken Ship Museum - Kyrenia * Selimiye Mosque - Nicosia
* Bellapais Village - Kyrenia * Arap Ahmet Mosque - Nicosia
* Kyrenia Castle - Kyrenia * Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque - Famagusta
* St. Hilarion Castle - Kyrenia * Namık Kemal Dungeon - Famagusta
* Soli Ruins - Lefke * Othello Tower Castle - Famagusta
* Apostolos Andreas Monastery - Karpaz * Salamis - Famagusta
* Kantara Castle - İskele * St. Barnabas - Famagusta
* Great Inn - Nicosia * Venedik Sarayı - G.Magosa