Sunken Ship Museum - Kyrenia




The sunk ship exhibited in the castle of Girne was built in 389 BC and was 80 yeras old. About 400 pieces Anphoras, 29 basalt millstones, about 9000 pieces of almond were found in this sunk ship that was thought to be a cargo ship during Hellenistic ages after the death of Alexander. About 300 pieces of lead shows the ship was used for fishing. This sunk ship is about 1.5 km near Girne, at depth of 18 m and found by sponge fisherman in 1965. It was taken out of water by the experts of Pennsylvania University.

It is 15 m in length, made of Aleppo pine. The wooden surface of the ship is coated with a strong lacquer to protect against Mediterranean wood-boring maggot. The kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, olive bottle, glasses, saltcellars show the ship's crew was only four persons.